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Why buy a house in Gascony (Gers)?

Located in South-West France the Gers has got it all! Treasures were fought over for centuries by Vandals, Visigoths, Franks, Vikings, Romans and the English leaving a legacy of architecture, history and culture. Ma Maison Immobilier’s Top Ten reasons why Gascony is “the place to be”:

  • Among the lowest crime rates in France.
  • Micro climate: the Condom area benefits from a micro-climate due to the Atlantic Gulf Stream and the Pyrenees Mountains.
  • Its nature and wildlife.
  • Clean air and no heavy industry: the Gers is a “green longue” this means that no heavy industry is allowed.
  • Quality of life in this part of France is outstanding, famous for its gastronomy (foie gras), and restaurants (Michelin stars).
  • Depth of history: for centuries the Vikings, Romans and English ruled in this part of France.
  • Wonderful wines: many appellations to be tasted in every corner of the region.
  • Preserved French culture.
  • Architecture.
  • It is not “Disneyland” meaning crowded in summer and deserted in winter.

Shall I go on? Come and see for yourselves it is the place to fall in love with!