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The Ma Maison Team

We are a small dedicated team each one of us being a valuable member.


Worked for years as an wedding & eventplanner and is a pro in organising & managing exclusive events. She is a real control freak which serves her well in her job at Ma Maison. As the office manager, in most cases she is your first contact and ensures that your mail is returned asap! She is a family lover and likes to wine and dine with friends. Gardening, her dogs, the beach and the mountains are her favorites. She is married to Erik and they have two kids. She is looking forward to meeting you in her office in Condom.


Studied to become an engineer and worked for some time in construction. France appealed to him all his life so he took on a leading role in an international enterprise working in France. Being a technical guy he followed his roots and took on a study to become a certified real estate agent as building and architecture had always had his interest. Erik will help you out with all your domestic and legal problems. He does evaluations and will work hard to find you the property of your dreams. Sport is his way to relax, mountain biking in the rolling hills around Condom, skiing in the Pyrenees Mountains or surfing at the Atlantic Ocean. Of course there is always time to relax and enjoy Gascony’s lifestyle with a glass of wine.


Abby has lived in the Gers for over 10 years, in which time she got married, bought and renovated a house, worked hard and had 2 children. As a result she can provide you with a vast wealth of firsthand experience of living (and surviving!) in this beautiful region. In addition to being an ‘agent commercial’ she also run a Facebook group for the English Speaking Community in the Gers. With over 1000 members it is an invaluable source of information for those looking to buy a home or live in the area. 

Feel free to join her for a coffee in our Condom office!!